Thursday, 2 September 2010

Swalef Tali iL-Lail 2

-Just to make things clear, 'swalef tali il-lail' will be posted once a week, it will be telling stories about people that i dont think i'll forget-

Time: 10:00 AM
Date: 16/7/2010

It was The day that She,her aunt and cousins will travel to lebanon, the night before she was packing her bags, making a list of important things she must take:

2)Jeanz,Zara Tops

while checking her list,for some reason she felt something is going to be wrong, 'Staghferlah, eshfene ana kho basafer mafrooth im happy?' the girl said. After packing her bags she took a look of her father's picture, her father was already in America at that time he was there since Mid. june, and what made her really upset is when she travels tomorrow, her dad will come back at the same time so she wont be able to see him, lets not forget to mention she's her daddy's lil girl, But hey she thought! she'll see him when he comes back. and THAT was the thought she slept on.

At 10:00 Am She heard door knocking 'Flana, Gomay!!', she woke up Quickly looked at her clock and thought it was 10 p.m! 'OFF 6AFTNI EL6YARAAAA!'

the minute she opened the door, she saw her sister and 2 cousins, wearing 3bayas, all faces were pale, her sister was shivering, her cousin was looking straightly at her eyes, she didnt know what to think? what was going on? she thought her sick aunt passed away, But the next thing she heard was her sister's voice saying:

"obona Twafa."

And you can guess what happened to her..



LorD AymZ said...

you have a gift, the way you write literally pulls at the strings of my heart, and i know we feel but a fraction of the pain..

Vainglorious said...

Allah yer7ema inshala ;*

Hashimoto said...

الله يرحمه ويغمد روحه الجنة انشالله

Shelsalfa? said...

Lord AymZ: Thats a huge compliment, Thank you!

Vainglorious: Mashkora=*

Hashimoto: Amwatna wa Amwatkom Inshallah (:

Anonymous said...

That broke my heart ;/
Allah yr7mah..