Friday, 3 September 2010


This is gonna be cool, i want from all of my Lovely readers to confess in the comment box about ANYTHING, and i mean it anything pops in your head just say it ! even if its about my writing? or blog ! SAAAAAAY IT.

here goes mine:

i suck at spelling so bad i miss spell the word spill ?or was it spell? damn!

-La6ofaTeQuiere=*, Thanks for the spell check you SAVED ME=*


Anonymous said...

i wrote a post few days back about confessions ... its freeing ... I confess that I am a very bad listener although many people think the opposite

youcompleteme said...

I hate waiting..

and i love you! :*

Vainglorious said...

Well here goes nothing... I've convinced everyone that I'm ok.. but Im not.

Anonymous said...

i reaaaaaaallyyyy hate u when it comes to electronics ;P

Shelsalfa? said...

Q8travelBud: Maybe you think so, and its not true !

YCM: tell me about it, kelesh mafene 9abur =( w i love u 2=*

Vainglorious: i've been doing that since my father passed away (: and getting used to it!

anon: Ya3ni ana ele a7bich mthlan =P? Loool =**

Cashmere.Poison said...

I really hate it when I'm with people from my age group and when I', talking, they keep commenting on how cute I am (as in a petite, baby way). I'm not that younger than you, you know. I'm sick of that and wish to be treated seriously.
Sorry, 6alla3t 7arritit hni, but it feels goooood ;D.

Anonymous said...

I HATE IT, when i call some1,
and be on the Waiting
and that person don call back,
it makes me feel so ignored

LorD AymZ said...

i hate it when you take the time to write someone, and they never bother to write back. email, fb, msgs, all of it.

Shelsalfa? said...

Cashmere.Poison: 9a7 9a7, it7sen chena mo 3ajebha =p

Anony: me 2. it really bothers !, but you dont know maybe it something important?!

Lord AymZ: Tell me about it, especially in birthday's, i go through a headache just to write a poem for a friend and thet next thing i know is a " thnk u " msg :)

Weew~ said...

I hate it:) lama adez msg 7ag 5alg alla:) w ma yredon:) na3ther'hum:).. nred ndez msg thanee.. ma yredoun.. na3thert'hum:)//ngoul yemkin te3aba w naymeen.. w chAK bOOm.. dazenlina email (: //
be'9ab6 chena.. nes2al shar8.. yjawboun '3arb..
Foug kel hatha.. YEBGOUn.. 3azeezen w '3aleen(: Denya<33

Anonymous said...

i hate it when ppl judge the situation by the way it looks before looking into it... i remember when was in elementary school (not too far away.. im in jr high now) my "best friend" grabbed my hand and turned his back to me in the middle of the class and started screaming (yimza7 wyay)... the teacher thought i was holding his hand and hurting him so he lowered my grades and made me stand through the whole period...

i also hate it when my friends keep repeating a word i said (no matter what it is) and adding "yi3yibk inta hatha 9a7?"

like if i said: "36ny gallam".. he replies: "y3yibk inta il galam 9ad? y3yibk"

makes everything sound dirty -.-"