Sunday, 26 September 2010

One last night..

Lets pretend were fine
Everything is alright..

Lets pretend were not broken..
And our hearts for ever will be tight..

Lets talk like we use to do..
Saying -i love you- and chatting with no fights..

Lets be who we used to be..
the ones who used to grab sights..

Lets remember those days..
Lets forever keep them in mind..

Lets be inlove for one last night..

..Just one last night

-sorry for the late post =)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Swalef Tali il-lail 3

-Dedicated to YCM=* she asked for it, she got it =)-

TIME: Around mid. night
DATE: 1 Year Ago.

A 3 Years married couples with a beautiful baby boy i once Heard about, they were very loving and had that spark, no body ever thought something could go wrong.
their marriage of course wasn't perfect, no marriage is! but they were better than any typical kuwaity marriage,Because She simply treated him like a king and he treated her like a princess.when she was asked whats the secret of your marriage?, she answered 'Give him some personal space, let him feel he's always going to be young', an advice I certainly wont forget !.

The story starts around 9:30 p.m when she finished putting on some makeup, curling her hair And wearing something nice,Little did she knew that her husband was planning on something else, he entered the room to take his wallet, just when he laid his eyes on her he gave her the -OMG- look saying:

"ay ya galbi, Shino hatha?!, Shway Shway 3alay Om 7amod!, bas 7abebti ana raye7 eldewaneya shenw ma getlech ?"

"La2! you didnt !"

"wallah sorry nesait ! bas tharoory  arou7, elyum mbarat Qawiya !"

And you can guess that they had a huge fight over going to the diwaneya and leaving her alone,she was really upset because she wanted to have a beautiful night with him after her son finally slept, and he was upset because he wanted to see the game.

"YUBA ANA 6ALE3 ZAIN !" Her husband shouted

He grabbed his wallet and keys and drove off to the diwaneya, leaving her sitting on the edge of the bed, crying because of him, because he left her for the first time Heart broken..
When she finally took a grip of her self she thought of going to the super market, to buy him some of his favorite chocolate like a -sorry for the fight- gift,  While she was doing that..

a stranger calls her husband and the next thing we know is

And ofcourse he was speading, he went through all red lights, Except the last one, When a huge truck crashed him and literally Scrunched his Car.

What happened to him?
he passed away because of severe bleeding in the brain..

And what ever happened to her?

Well, she lived to tell us the story.

-Tell me if you want another type of 'Swalef'

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Now This is what i like to call 'enjoying life', eating m&m's and drinking 3a9er ruman sa3a 3:00 AM =p


-Whats your 'enjoying life' moments?=p

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Me Vs. The Gangster

So Yesterday, First Day of 3eed my cousins and i decided to go to the avenues and watch a movie, Lets not forget that i chose the movie, and it sucked (: BIG TIME, Anyways while we were watching the movie, a group of Boys decided to be 'Cool'?, and were STUPIDLY commenting on everysingle Spark happening between a male and female, not to mention before the movie starts, that group of boys were 'sharbking' and singing with the commercials, So should i just sit there and listen to them ruining the movie?, Ofcourse not !

my cousin and i went to the security dude, And he told us that 'its 3eed! i cant do anything, but ill try', when i got back did they care? nup, they carried on making loud stupid comments, and you cant stop hearing " AGOOOL NAWAF.." " HALLAA BO S3AYED ?"

Ofcourse i had enough, & went to the security again.

And he kicked them out.



Friday, 10 September 2010

..عيدكم مبارك

تقبل الله صيامكم و قيامكم
و جعلكم الله من عتقاء النار
و لو ان فترتي بالبلوق قصيره لكن!, فرحتكم في العيد, يمعه الأهل, بركم لوالديكم, و خاصة شكر الله على نعمة وجودهم..

هو عيدي بحد ذاته=)


Thursday, 9 September 2010

لا يمكن

في زحام الدنيا..
في مشاقها وتعبها..
في الأوقات التي اصطنع فيها ابتسامتي حتى لا يخيب أمل أمي..
في الأوقات التي تغمض فيها عيني و يبقى بها قلبي يقظا..

لا يمكن أن أنساك يا يبه!


-Picture Credit goes for *absinthFenix

Friday, 3 September 2010


This is gonna be cool, i want from all of my Lovely readers to confess in the comment box about ANYTHING, and i mean it anything pops in your head just say it ! even if its about my writing? or blog ! SAAAAAAY IT.

here goes mine:

i suck at spelling so bad i miss spell the word spill ?or was it spell? damn!

-La6ofaTeQuiere=*, Thanks for the spell check you SAVED ME=*

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Swalef Tali iL-Lail 2

-Just to make things clear, 'swalef tali il-lail' will be posted once a week, it will be telling stories about people that i dont think i'll forget-

Time: 10:00 AM
Date: 16/7/2010

It was The day that She,her aunt and cousins will travel to lebanon, the night before she was packing her bags, making a list of important things she must take:

2)Jeanz,Zara Tops

while checking her list,for some reason she felt something is going to be wrong, 'Staghferlah, eshfene ana kho basafer mafrooth im happy?' the girl said. After packing her bags she took a look of her father's picture, her father was already in America at that time he was there since Mid. june, and what made her really upset is when she travels tomorrow, her dad will come back at the same time so she wont be able to see him, lets not forget to mention she's her daddy's lil girl, But hey she thought! she'll see him when he comes back. and THAT was the thought she slept on.

At 10:00 Am She heard door knocking 'Flana, Gomay!!', she woke up Quickly looked at her clock and thought it was 10 p.m! 'OFF 6AFTNI EL6YARAAAA!'

the minute she opened the door, she saw her sister and 2 cousins, wearing 3bayas, all faces were pale, her sister was shivering, her cousin was looking straightly at her eyes, she didnt know what to think? what was going on? she thought her sick aunt passed away, But the next thing she heard was her sister's voice saying:

"obona Twafa."

And you can guess what happened to her..


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hang in there.

if anyone out there reading this and might be facing the problem of family insisting them to eat EVERYTHING BEL FE6OR W BA3D EL FE6OR...

im with you,your not alone. stay strong my friend !


-Whats ur 'Must' dish bel fe6or?