Sunday, 29 August 2010

Men Kalam iL-Mar7om...

ان قام حظك يرفع لك الطار و ترقص لك الدنيا وتنسل شعرها..وان مات حظك صرت ثليمه جدار كل من جا وطمرها


Saturday, 28 August 2010

i sBeak english..Or not?

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American Pilot: MayDay MayDay.. We are sinking i repeat we Are sinking!!!
Egyption pilot: Hello everybody, zis iz ze egyption pilot 3emad mu7a6em el setat, what are you sinking about ?


-Ta7iyaty lelsha3b iL-Ma9ry, i Love you=)

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Now this is going to be interesting (hopefully), At the Avenues mall specifically 'the Wataniya branch', i was standing at line like any normal person would do, it WAS infinity but what the heck :)
;a smile here, a smile there 'Shelsalfa?' is starting to get a liiiiil bet bored.. but hang in there shelsalfa everyone is waiting why shouldn't you?..


a women walked in, she looked nice;a 40yiish old business women.. but when alllll the employees ignored the stupid line and gave her a warm welcome im starting to hate the 40yish old women:

employe1:"Halla halla om khaled, tfa'6elay ! "
Om khaled: " eeeh wain wa9el eldoor? waaih tawa 100? yela 3a6ooni raqam !
all the Employees suddenly freaked out
:" afaaaaaaaaaaa ya om khaled, entay takhthen raqam ?? la la may9er !!!!! laaaaaa2 INTAAAYY ETYEN 3ENDENA 3ALA 6OOL."

whaaaaaaaaaat? Eaaasy there tiger?! what the hell are you talking about?

employe2: 7ayach allah om khaled, ta3alay 3endy
employe3: la la ana 3endy asra3 el computer
employe4: la la wallah 3endy! elmokayef 9ayiir 3ala makteby :)
mas2ool elfer3 eb kobra!!!!: yuba shrayech nroo7 napket neshrblna gahwa 3ala ma ysawon shughlech ohma?

Excuse me om khalid, but do you realize i was standing on my feet for the last freakin 15 minutes? and YOU CAME OUT OF NO WHERE AND SUDDENLY EVERYONE WANTS TO DO UR PAPERS?..

im ashamed to be honest, one has to be a buz buz ? or a VIP just to survive the stupid line?, and haha you think i waited more? ur wrong,


....and walked away. NOT HAPPY that i wasted a lovely 15 minutes of my life at the avenues. :(


-Buz buz, ta3ber majazy for " business women/man"
-About the mas2ool elfer3, i was kinda just kidding =p

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Swalef Tali iL-Lail 1

Time: 2:30 A.M
Date: 7/11/2009

She was writing in her diaries, waiting for him to come back from the dewaniya, from what i can remember i believe she wrote;

" حبيبي احبه, كل شي بالدنيا اهوا, قلت حق امي و خواتي عنه لاني ادري اهوا يبيني و مابي اسوي شي من وراهم, اذكر اول ما عرفته قالي ان انتي اميرتي, و مابي افرط فيج حبي بيكون كله لج!و ماصدق ان 3 سنين مروا بهل سرعه؟ اعاد امس قالي لمن يرد من الدوانيه بيقولي شي؟ و امس رايح ويه امه و اخته السوق ياااربي شالسااالفه؟ اهوا ما يطلع وايد وياهم ؟؟.. "

After 3 hours from that minute she was starting to panic, why is he late? where is he ? whats going on? all that question need to be answer ! she was hoping for the best until a stranger called and told her:
انا اسف اختي داق هل حزه بس ما قدرت انطر ليه باجر, شفتج تدزين مسجات على رقم عبدالله و ادري انج تحاتينه"

" ايي احااتيه ! وينه ؟ شفيه ؟؟؟ و ليش انته الي دااق و منو انته ؟؟"

" انا اخوه العود, عبدالله توفى بحادث سياره

And thats when nothing's left but memories.


-A True story, Not Necessary my story (:

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


اليك اكتب و الكلمات ما هي الا دموع متشكله من عيني..~

اليك اسرد مشاعري و اقصها مثلما كنت تسرد لي قصة لطيفه والذيب..
..اليك احكي و يا ليت لو تسمعني

اشتاق اليك و شوقي لك..
هو أملي الوحيد في البقاء, ذكراك هي أنفاسي
وهي من تمد لقلبي الأكسجين لكي ينبض بمحبتك و ادمانك..}~                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         اليك اشكو, فهل تجيب؟             

-picture credit goes for*godlike86                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

A Fresh Start..

Just another blogger With thoughts,Poems And funny stories to share..Except that im here because of my father's support and inspiration, (Rest in peace yuba); And be Sure Everything i write here comes right from the heart and Soul..Sometimes you might notice arabic posts (thats the tefelsef part of me=))
So Mbarak 3alaikom iL-Shahar, w 3asakom Men el3ayden will be a good Start =D