Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A Fresh Start..

Just another blogger With thoughts,Poems And funny stories to share..Except that im here because of my father's support and inspiration, (Rest in peace yuba); And be Sure Everything i write here comes right from the heart and Soul..Sometimes you might notice arabic posts (thats the tefelsef part of me=))
So Mbarak 3alaikom iL-Shahar, w 3asakom Men el3ayden will be a good Start =D



9al7a Bint Bo 9ali7 said...

3asa rabi yir7ma wesakna el yana :)

Welcome to the blogsphere!

Shelsalfa? said...

Ajma3en Enshala, w Mashkora =D!

Weew~ said...

w ana agooooooooooooul blogspot sh7aga nawwar faj2a;p
atharee w5aytee signed up;p

Anonymous said...

Welcome back;*


youcompleteme said...

3alaina oo 3alaich ..
welcome to the Family! =*

Shelsalfa? said...

Weeew: 7ayallah men zarna =p

eLZehry: =*

YCM: Mashkoora =*

Vainglorious said...

Welcome to the blogsphere! Im loving your blog :)

Hashimoto said...

الله يرحم الوالد وعظم الله اجرج


ومبارك عليج باقي الشهر

confusedblogger said...

I like ur writing... kind of reminds me of my own :p
:s wait ... did i seem shway
ma'3roora? not that i like my own writing.. lol no... just that i like urs... i like my writing too...but ..

i'll stop .. tc!

Shelsalfa? said...

Vainglorious: Thaanks , glad u do !

Hashimoto: Ajerna Wajrik.

Confused blogger: LOOl th7aktene wallah, bel3ax im flattered that u do =)