Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Swalef Tali iL-Lail 1

Time: 2:30 A.M
Date: 7/11/2009

She was writing in her diaries, waiting for him to come back from the dewaniya, from what i can remember i believe she wrote;

" حبيبي احبه, كل شي بالدنيا اهوا, قلت حق امي و خواتي عنه لاني ادري اهوا يبيني و مابي اسوي شي من وراهم, اذكر اول ما عرفته قالي ان انتي اميرتي, و مابي افرط فيج حبي بيكون كله لج!و ماصدق ان 3 سنين مروا بهل سرعه؟ اعاد امس قالي لمن يرد من الدوانيه بيقولي شي؟ و امس رايح ويه امه و اخته السوق ياااربي شالسااالفه؟ اهوا ما يطلع وايد وياهم ؟؟.. "

After 3 hours from that minute she was starting to panic, why is he late? where is he ? whats going on? all that question need to be answer ! she was hoping for the best until a stranger called and told her:
انا اسف اختي داق هل حزه بس ما قدرت انطر ليه باجر, شفتج تدزين مسجات على رقم عبدالله و ادري انج تحاتينه"

" ايي احااتيه ! وينه ؟ شفيه ؟؟؟ و ليش انته الي دااق و منو انته ؟؟"

" انا اخوه العود, عبدالله توفى بحادث سياره

And thats when nothing's left but memories.


-A True story, Not Necessary my story (:


Anonymous said...

alah yer7ema,
Bs what was he doin with ahala last night ?
enshalah ma tgolen n9 el salfa o tasketen
(sd) ma7eb at3alag CHI

Vainglorious said...

Allah yer7ema :( thats so sad

Shelsalfa? said...

Anony: im gonna ask her, and see ohwa shkan eysawy =) walla yhemech/k

Vainglorious: Yep.. it is !

M7md Ghazi said...

sad :( alla yer7ama
nice blog BTW keep it up

LorD AymZ said...

ouch, i feel your pain, my heart dropped as i read those last words.

Anonymous said...



Shelsalfa? said...

M7md: Thanx for passing=*

LordAymZ: It was more painful listening to her telling the story !

Zahoury: =*

Weew~ said...

waaay,enshalla ma nen7a6 bhal maw8ef fee youm mn elayam,@;